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      • SMT patch welding series
      • THT plug welding series
      • Line table series
      • Supplies and accessories


      01Around a brand goal

      Brand goal: establish and make “HUAQIZHENGBANG”as industry leading brand.

      02Adhere to the two central principles

      Customer-centric: satisfy customers’ require, regard the customers’ profit as first position.

      Techonology-centric: Value the talented person and facility improvement, provide quality products.

      03Build three sales platform

      Build direct-sell store: establish three-dimensional platform include sales, delivery and service.

      Build national distribution: establish excellent distributors channel.

      Build E-commerce platform: provide more convenient on-line service.

      04Chi made four product system

      THT soldering equipments

      SMT soldering equipments

      Assemblyline workbench

      Consumable and tool

      05Create five-hearted service requirements

      Warm-hearted: think what you desire and recommend you suitable products by heart.

      Sincerity: not only stay on the mouth but also from our heart. Intimate: You are not only customers but also our partners.

      Concentration: develop our research and produce capacity deeply to the technology major view.

      At ease: excellent service is not here but your smile on your face.



      Recommended Products

      About Us


      Wenzhou Zhengbang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Established in 2006, Wenzhou Zhengbang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of machine and assembly line accessories as the THT welding equipment series, SMT welding equipment series and Assembly line series. It serves more than two hundred thoudsand customers. Our products have been sold well in China and all over the world. Our main export countries and regions include North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East nearly 60 countries. Insisting to the operational principle of “Quality first, Customers first”. All our staff are ready to serve you with our best efforts. We could provide you the highly competitive prices and reliable quality. We’re sincerely looking forward to serving you in the nearest future.

      Contact Us

      Wenzhou Head Office:

      Serena  (Foreign trade sales manager)

      Tel: 0086-577-86701181

      Fax: 0086-577-85398666

      E-mail: efficient@wzzbdz.com

      Website: http://www.liuyanger.com/en

      Skype: 15257719988



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